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Access Control Services

Access Control Security Systems


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The most important layer of any security system is the access control system. Not only does it add to security, but access control is also a great way to track your employees and protect your assets. Allen’s Lock & Key uses commercial-grade products that can stand up to everyday traffic and wear and tear.

If you rely on locks to keep your business secure, the very items you’re trying to protect are vulnerable to break-ins and theft. By integrating updated technology such as access control, you will increase the security for your business.

Our access control products include:

  • Key Pads
  • Proximity Readers
  • RFID Tags and Key FOBS
  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • Badge Readers
  • Electronic Locks
  • TouchPad Locks
  • Peep Holes / Electronic Video Monitoring

Keyless Entry Locks

An important component of access control is the keyless entry. When you use keyless entry, you eliminate the risk of losing keys and getting locked out of your business. Keyless entry also greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your business. Keep track of who has access to certain areas while restricting access to other areas. If you use traditional locks, you run the risk of a burglar breaking a lock and burglarizing your business. This leaves your confidential files and assets vulnerable. But, with access control with keyless entry, your business will receive an added layer of security.

Badge Readers

A quick and easy way for your employees to move from one authorized area to another within your complex is by using badge readers. Allen’s Lock & Key can create badge readers to work as part of your access control system. Your employees can simply scan their badge readers to gain access to authorized areas. By using badge readers, you reduce the risk that unauthorized persons will gain entry to high-security areas.

Electronic Video Monitoring

You can use electronic video monitoring as part of your access control system. You have the ability to monitor high-security areas and ensure your business is safe. Through the use of video monitoring, you can determine who enters certain areas and this may help you in the event of theft or unauthorized access. If someone enters your business after hours, you will be able to see who entered and what they are doing. Being able to see what is going on within your business will give you peace of mind and keep you aware at all times.

If you’re looking for a local locksmith in Gadsden, AL, then look no further than Allen’s Lock & Key. We are a local locksmith service that offers fair and honest pricing. Our highly trained locksmiths will provide you with professional and affordable service that is second to none. If you’re ready to talk about access control, give us a call today.

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