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Car Key Fobs

Keyless entry systems using a key fob is quickly becoming a standard feature on all modern cars. These systems rely on wireless access systems that are controlled through a portable key fob that you can carry in a pocket or on your keychain. Allen’s Lock & Key is the place to go for programming, replacing, duplicating, and repairing car key fobs in and around the Gadsden, AL, area. We have years of experience installing digital locks, remote-access locks and automatic locking systems like the one in your car.

How Do Automotive Key Fobs Work?

a selection of automotive key fobs

Our Car Key Fob services include programming new fobs, replacing the battery in your current one, and creating duplicates for your family members

Key fobs are small, lightweight remote entry controls that wirelessly control the locks on your car so you can lock or unlock the doors, pop the trunk, or even start the engine without inserting your key in the lock. In effect, they’re small handheld remote controls for your keychain that emit a beam to control the lock.

Fobs usually have very long-lived batteries, so maintenance and repair needs are minimal. But because they’re so lightly built, they can be prone to minor damage if your keychain is jostled hard enough, or if you drop the fob onto pavement or into the water. Luckily, Allen’s Lock & Key can repair or replace damaged key fobs for any make or model.

What Are the Advantages Of Having a Remote Key Fob?

A wireless fob system is really great on cold mornings when you’d like to get the car warmed up before you get in the vehicle. Another huge advantage is being able to open your locks quickly and get inside your car when you’re in a dark parking lot alone.

Allen’s Lock & Key Is Your Car Key Fob Expert

If you have a car with remote entry or ignition anywhere in the northern Alabama area, Allen’s Lock & Key is nearby to help you program your wireless automotive key fob system. We have years of experience setting up and servicing smart lock systems in the region, and we can help you by fixing your broken fob or programming a new one to work with your car. We’re available 24 hours a day and offer no-obligation consultations with you about your automotive locks and the needs of a keyless system.

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