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Car Remotes

Remote programming, repair, and battery replacement

If you have a late-model car in the northeastern Alabama area, Allen’s Lock & Key can set you up with new car remotes for keyless entry and ignition. Wireless key remotes can be complex and expensive to get and program for your car, but we have years of experience working with almost all major makes and models of cars with remote entry and can get your car remote programmed for you in minutes.

What Are Car Remotes?

Remote controls for car keys are becoming standard tech for more and more car owners. By now, setting up, programming and servicing these remotes are standard practice for full-service automotive locksmiths like Allen’s Lock & Key.

Car remotes send a wireless signal that can lock and unlock the doors of your car. Many can also start the engine remotely, pop the trunk and set off the alarm in case you need it. They work by emitting a radio signal that’s encoded specifically for your car’s receiver. Wireless entry systems usually need to be programmed to work just with your car’s computer.

Reasons to Get a New Key Remote

There are several reasons you might need to get a new car remote. The first is if you’ve lost yours and you need to get to work. Ordering a replacement from the factory usually takes a long time and can cost a lot of money. Allen’s Lock & Key, however, is in the Gadsden, AL, area already and can have a new remote programmed and in your hand right away in many cases.

Another reason people come to us for a new remote for their car is just to have a spare, which is a good idea if your car has timed locks that will trap your keys inside if you leave them on the seat. Many parents also get a new car remote when their kids reach driving age and need a set for themselves.


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For Car Remotes in Gadsden, AL, Call Allen’s

Allen’s Lock & Key is also a great choice for maintenance and repairs on your car remotes. From time to time, every car remote needs new batteries, and the later models of remote often take special tools and expertise to get open without damaging the delicate circuitry inside. We can also repair your broken remote, whether it’s been dropped, sat on or rained on until it’s shorted out. In the worst case, we have the blanks and the factory contacts to whistle up a replacement remote for you if the one you have is beyond repair.

If you live anywhere northeast of Birmingham, you’re close enough to Allen’s Lock & Key to get service, repair and replacement car remotes for your keyless entry car. Give us a call today at (256) 547-8100 to find out more about our car remote service.

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